Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Relief at Lake Louise

The day started out grey and rainy. It was a blessing. After the last two days of 35C weather it was nice not to be hot and sweaty. It was just a short hop day, Banff to Lake Louise because the day before would have been rushed to see anything.  After packing up the parking lot camp we headed back to Banff to see things. 
Evander helps by blowing bubbles in the washing water. 
We found the visitor information centre so we grabbed the pamphlets we wanted and then followed the signs to the walking paths. There are lots of walking paths right in Banff. We did the fairway trail. Rob stayed back because Evander had just fallen asleep and he really needed the nap. 
Pretty and the mosquitoes weren't that bad, you just had to keep moving. Rob and Evander met us just as we were finishing the path and then we went back to the campers to make lunch. Banff is really set up for tourists. They had 12 hours RV parking and a handout to show RV parking, and lots of public bathrooms. (I know,I'm old). 
We moved kids into different vehicles after lunch and started to Lake Louise. It is about 20 minutes away. 
We got to the campsite just after 2:00 when it opened so we were pretty much the first people there. Evander, Patience and Niles were content to explore for a bit and then we all got showers! I got to shower the toddler, an adventure in itself. When we got back mom had started soup so I started a dessert, stewed rhubarb and raspberry, and people disappeared. Patience was helping a lot but there were no boys to be found. 
It was good because they really needed a nap. Niles woke up in time for supper. We woke Evander up after supper, and despite repeated attempts we could not wake up Xavier. We left his supper for him and went to see Lake Louise. 
Mom says she did 22000 steps yesterday. 
When we got back Xavier had just woken up so fed him and got ready for bed. Bedtime cereal was eaten and we cleaned up because we planned an early start in the morning. Everyone went to bed easily. 

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