Friday, April 18, 2008

I drank my oatmeal today

(twn) I think that the title says it all. That's right. My well cooked, mushy, old fashioned oatmeal required too much chewing so I added enough milk to drink it... one spoonful at a time. Ah, the joys of having your wisdom teeth removed. For anyone who has also had this joy filled experience you likely know what I am talking about. There will be no pictures of this experience so you will just have to use your imagination. Right now I look like a chipmunk that was in a fight and lost. The bruises are impressive. I haven't brushed my teeth for 2 days because I just can't imagine putting a toothbrush in my mouth and I don't think I could open it wide enough anyway. Really overall getting the teeth out was the easy part. I remember the Dr putting a clear medication into my IV and the room moving in funny ways. Then I watched him add a yellow, milky fluid, or at least I watched 2ml of the 5ml go in and then all I remember is some fuzzy colours, then the nurse was getting me up to go to another room. Ha! I don't remember anything. Something must have happened because I have stitches in my mouth and I look like someone beat me.

Enough about me. Spring has arrived. I know this because the allergy monster has reared its ugly head. Xavier has been a beast. He is very moody. Happy then sad. Angry, crying and all the other emotions in 5 mins or less. Oh well it is supposed to snow this weekend. That is right. Environment Canada is calling for snowfall of 30-50cm. I will keep you posted if that happens. Niles is testing his boundaries. When Grandma met him at the door the other day he said "Hi Nancy." "What do you say?" I asked. "Hi Nancy," he said again. He got a little talking to about how to address you grandparents. He has been getting a lot of use out of the bandaids lately. Bandaids fix everything real or imagined. Patience is still the easiest going baby in the world.
Sorry no pictures. They won't upload today.