Monday, November 02, 2009

25 random things about me

Hey! I know that I haven't been keeping up in a while. IN fact right now I am only posting because I am angry about something so far in the past that it shouldn't matter but it still does so I am taking this time to clear my head before I go and do something that I will regret later. So here is a continuation of 25 random things about me.
7. My computer is eating my programs so I am really annoyed with it right now. Where did photoshop go anyway?

8. I am perky at work. That is right perky. I know it blows my mind too.

9. I would like to be fluent in french but am too lazy to do anything about it that would require effort.

That is it. Three more things and I am still angry. On another note I am currently awaiting photos to download so I can put some new ones on.