Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Today I got to have a meet the teacher with Xavier's teacher. I actually had met her before because he has the same teacher this year as last year but I was making the connection and checking in. Apparently I was the first parent to do this although we were all invited to at the beginning of the year. Not to worry though Xavier is doing well. He has grown a lot this year and we both (teacher and I ) agree that it is better than last.

Xavier and Rob running the Bridge City Boogie.

Xavier just finished the cross country season and can't wait for the training for the Bridge City Boogie to begin. He loves running. He gets a groove going and can really put on the km. Think we will all do it this year.
Niles watching the Bridge City Boogie.

Niles got to watch this year and it was his birthday so that was exciting. Now he is old and in grade 3. He reads and plays piano. This year we are trying Hip Hop instead of Tae Kwon Do to see how that goes. He has such great expressions of dislike that if it weren't so annoying I would laugh. You really do know what he is thinking. No poker face on that one.
Xavier loves babies. Hanging with Josh. Isn't he cute? And the baby is too.

Patience and Elizabeth at the playground.

Before the meet the teacher Patience and I got to go to the playground to meet friends. It was windy enough that I flew Niles' kite for the first time. It looks really cool, but it was so windy that I could not take a picture and keep from escaping so just imagine it, tie dyed and rectangular. Very cool. Joelynn came home to watch Patience while I went to get my braces adjusted and she got to stay so I could meet the teacher. Good that Patience loves Elizabeth and Joelynn.
Thankful for the great chickens that you can buy at the store because we were cutting it very close by the time I got home and had to take Xavier to Tae Kwon Do. He had a good time but he says that his partner is very talented so he has to try harder and that makes him sweaty. Poor thing.
(I can't get the font to work properly so it doesn't look as nice as I was hoping but I must move on with my life now.)