Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Out of the Park

The entire reason to go to Lake Louise was to go on the chairlift and have breakfast. We did it the last time we went to Alaska (21 years ago) and dad still talks about it. Really it was a good time. So since we had scoured the information place the day before we had the coupon to go. You don't need a coupon to go but it is $5.00 off per person and that adds up quickly. For our family it was $82.00. That was for six lift tickets and five breakfasts (Evander still just eats off everyone's plate. Mostly sausages). 
Breakfast first so we didn't have rush. With everyone sufficiently baconed we headed up to the lifts. First we watched the safety video about bears and then we could get on the lift. Patience did not want an open chair, and really I didn't trust Evander so we went in the gondola while the boys went in the chair lift. 
The boys are just in front of us there .

Once at the top we stopped to get a picture, 
And then we went to the interpretative centre. Not a lot of places to walk seeing that we were surrounded by safety electric fencing but there was a nice movie about the over and under passes for the animals. I also found out a Kodiak skull is very large and if a bear attacks you out of curiosity it should be over in two minutes. 

There is amazing cell reception up there. We all got phone calls and text messages. Then we headed back. Same grouping on the way down. Boys first and girls and Evander next. Rob saw a bear. He got a picture. If he shares it with me I might edit it in. 

We went from Lake Louise to the Columbia Ice Fields. 
On the way there Evander and Xavier napped. 
There were informational animals to climb on and rocks to look at. 
It was the craziest place we visited. I think 10 busses pulled up and everyone was going on the tour. The line of people walking up to the glacier was huge. We did not do that. We used the very nice, large, very large, no waiting bathrooms, had lunch in the giant parking lot, played a little pass the ball while Rob fixed our roof vent and got out of there. 

We headed up toward Jasper and after grabbing a couple groceries at AG market ( a nice store, I didn't feel ripped off or anything) we left the national park and went into BC. 

We camped at a nice BC provincial park, Mount Robson Meadows. Very nice. Unfortunately it started raining when we got there and not reception means I left my phone in the van and didn't take pictures. Imagine trees and a picnic table, a very stable picnic table. There you have it. All in all a good day. 


  1. Sounds like fun. Glad you're having a good trip

  2. Sounds like fun. Glad you're having a good trip