Friday, October 12, 2007

I have returned

This is a picture from two Christmases (is that a word) ago. See how well Joyce tumbles down the hill. I think that we should do that again this Christmas. All in favour?.... (please send in your votes).
This is a quick blog update seeing as it is now Oct. and I haven't done anything since April. I am rather derelict in my duties. I will strive to be more conscientious.
All right we moved into our new house and are enjoying the additional space although it seems that we are having fewer people over. That could be because I have a job. Yes it is harder to have people over all the time when you are working. I am a licensed and registered nurse. It is true. My education came in handy for something. Look at me go.
Xavier is in grade 1 and is still enjoying learning. He informs me that he is the only one in his class that can't read and although his class is mostly made up of overachieving little girls I doubt that it is true. He is learning. Last night he asked Rob if he was fatigue. Ha. Extraneous french usage in the home. Something must be working.
Niles has started swimming lessons. You know the kind where they jump in the water and just get comfortable. He is the class star. I am the only mother who does not have to cajole my child to get into the pool nor do I have to follow him around. He also listens and does as he is told. (I don't know what has happened to my child but if you find him send him back my way).
Rob is keeping busy with everything that comes with working and moving into a new house and everyone else moving into a new house. We have a new furnace. It is sitting the the bathroom in the basement. Yes we do have a furnace...Anyway there isn't any snow yet and the world is good.
We are getting ready for our new addition to our family. The boys want a girl. Xavier says that it would be bad if it was a boy. Huh.?! What to do, what to do. We tell him that the baby has already decided and we can't change it now. Back to getting ready. Really that means we have a room. Actually we are using that space right now as a guest room but... we can move things around.
That's it for the blog today.