Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And there was Cheesecake....

Today I feel old as I sit here drinking my hot water while I write. (I will admit that this new habit of drinking my water plain and boiled is not helping my old feeling.) Today Xavier turns 10 and that makes me old. A good time was had by all who attended at our small family gathering, (I am glad it was small because even with only some of the family there was still 12 plus our family and it starts to feel crowded, and loud)and most importantly (according to Xavier) there was cheesecake.
As you can see he was very excited about it. Xavier told me that today was awesome because he thought that nothing was going to work out and then he prayed about it and it all did. I will add that he was so excited about his birthday that he ran up stairs before anyone was awake, turned on Niles' stereo so loud that he make him wake up crying and put everyone in a generally bad mood. Thanks for prayer because once that cleared everything got better. In many ways Xavier reminds me Roy. Maybe it will pass.

Linaya and Gianna came to have cake.

I happened to look over when Linaya was grabbing an entire handful of whipped cream to put in her mouth. Both she and G refilled their cupcakes three times with topping. G never did eat her cupcake but it had a well licked top. Patience enjoyed sitting with the girls. They have been spending enough time together lately so they were having a good time.
Here is a picture of Niles at the Science Centre since he kept hiding tonight. Taken after the bodies exhibit. That is fodder for another post.