Friday, February 23, 2007

We're off to see the Wizard

Here are some pictures of our trip to Calgary and Drumheller this summer. Xavier took the second picture. He is quite the photographer.

Today I am going to my very first nursing job interview. It is exciting. It is scary. Now I have to be a grown up know work. Ha! Crazy isn't it. Anyway I have on my interview clothes and I am ready to go. I think I will go shopping after. The boys need a new bed.

It is snowing again. I guess the groundhog was wrong. Winter is here and it is staying forever. At least it looks like that.

We are starting to look for a bigger house but the market is very slim right now (when I say slim that means there are no houses in Saskatoon in our price range. There are only 167 houses in total for sale. Even Jackie cannot find a condo). It just seems so silly that just the time we are able to think about getting a bigger house we can't.

Friday, February 16, 2007

My new do.

I am a posting fiend. This is for the people who don't see me all the time. (Robin this means you). I don't take pictures of myself so I had to go looking for one. (Thank-you Shelley. Check out her blog. It is on my links). This is a new and different look for me. I told Rob I was going to get my hair cut. I left as a blond and returned a brunette. His response, "Don't ask me right now". Niles cried, and Xavier was angry but they like it now. A change for the end of my student career. That reminds me to call McMasters. Until later.

Finished, done, fini, finito, no more.

Have you seen cuter children?Xavier did his own face painting, with markers. So I don't have any recent pictures of myself so I am putting out a call for people to e-mail me pictures of new and interesting pictures. This is for you Monica, Melissa, and Joyce.
So I am now finished school and am busy looking for a job. Okay I am not really looking for a job but I have handed in my resume to the health region. I let the boys go to daycare all week because they were having party week to celebrate the week off of school. That also gave me time to make appropriate phone calls and look busy. I am taking this time to be interested in my house and what I used to do. As well as look for work and visit with babies. Josiah is social smiling this week so he is interactive. Linaya is grouchy. They make a good combination.
I should ask Robert about Media Idol. I read about him in the Star Phoenix today. He sang O Holy Night. He didn't win but the radio station was mentioned by call number so that is exciting. Congratulations to me.