Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another one

Trying to get back into blog mode but apparently I am failing. I will give it another try. The above picture is my kid scamwich. Xavier wasn't as happy about it as the others.

Twenty-five things you didn't know about me continued again
11. Sometimes I smile when I am angry because I don't want to yell at you.
12. I miss hanging out with my sisters.
13. My favourite colour is purple but I mostly wear black.
14. I prefer to spell with Canadian spellings which is mostly like UK but not quite but a lot different from American spelling.
15. The name of my imaginary fourth child is Violet.

Xavier is getting a lot more independent this year. He is practicing giving attitude so we are working on getting that under control before he thinks he can get away with it. The best part is that when Niles sees Xavier getting in trouble he goes into superstar mode, "Mom I did my homework is there anything else I can do?", "Mom, can I help with supper?", "There I practiced my piano". Xavier stands and pouts. Ah, children. They keep you humble. I used to know things and I am an idiot.

Patience is cute and two. She speaks in sentences but hasn't got to the question stage yet. That is nice because she talks a lot already and I don't have the energy to answer all of the questions yet. She is quite independent. She dresses herself, pees all by herself and generally makes mayhem. My favourite is that she loves to help cook and to do that she climbs into the kitchen sink and up on the counter right by the stove. I hear a lot of "Mom I need room to cook," and then there she is right beside me. At least she is showing interest in it so she might be able to care for herself when she is older.

This is Xavier's sunflower. It bloomed and then it snowed one week later so it won't come back next year. Makes a nice picture though.