Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I let my fingers do the talking

Today as I was applying paint stripper my mind drifted to a person that I have not seen for years. Now my mind often drifts to this person when I have a quiet moment and so I drafted this message.
Dear ___________,(the name is not important)
It has been many years since I have seen you and although you likely never think of me I often find myself thinking of you. You may not know it but I learned many things from you. For this I owe you a huge thank-you.
Thank-you for teaching me to respect others because they may have something to teach me regardless of age. Indeed I learned that it isn't age but life experience that teaches and people experience things at different times. It is from you that I learned that a child can be harmed by an offhand comment that I make and so I try to caution my speech around children, you never know what I may be teaching them. Thank-you.
Again I thank-you for the lesson that it isn't the amount of money a person makes that makes them worthwhile but the knowledge they contain, that God knows each of our hearts and loves us all. This lesson has given me the opportunity to learn many things from others. I do not put it into practice perfectly but I continue to try. Thank-you for providing me the opportunity.
Finally I thank-you for teaching me the importance of family. It is from you I learned that although I may not agree with my family or the family of my husband it is important for me to treat them with respect and remember that the sacrifices that were made that allow me to be where I am. It was from this that I also learned that family is who you make them. That it is as easy to let someone into your family as it is to take them out. This lesson is both easy and difficult. Thank-you. I have an increased family because of this lesson.
God has blessed me greatly. May His blessings continue to be on you.
Diane Taylor

I sent it too.