Friday, July 10, 2015

Atlin and the Lake

We arrived in Atlin on Monday morning and tried to contact the people we were looking for. This is a town with many mountains but no cell service. None at all. There are a number of pay phones though.
We did find a steam shovel for Collin,

And a pretty bench.

While we were looking for a phone I found coffee. Atlin has a speciality coffee roaster. They have a trailer. I had some. 

Rob managed to get in contact with the people and we made it to the house to meet them. It was the saw mill, and small engine repair and maybe the car wash. I am pretty sure they own a little of everything in town to keep it going. 

From the house we went to another house. This house needed plumbing and thus the reason we were in Atlin. Rob took an hour to look around and make a supply list then we went to a house boat. We were going to spend a night on th houseboat. 

By this time it was getting late so we stopped for lunch
Then we headed to grab stuff for the boat and leave for the night. 

Leaving Atlin
Evander helps drive. 
Also pretty
Xavier making a game. 
Sticks and rocks. The greatest. 
After the rocks and sticks we settled in for the night. I practiced flint chipping because we were on a flint beach. There was a lot of rock throwing and then we took advantage of running water. 

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