Saturday, July 04, 2015

On to the Alaska Highway

Our plan for the day was to make it to Fort St. John. So we packed up, let the kids play at the playground one more time and headed out. On the way we passed through Chetwyn. Apparently it has a chainsaw carving contest every year. All the statues looked really nice but we weren't going to stop... We weren't until a train stopped on the tracks in front of us so we decided gas and a look around were in order. 
Xavier didn't want to walk with us. 
I don't know why. We are so cool. 

Then we drove to Dawson Creek. Yes, that Dawson Creek. The one the starts the Alaska Highway. :) 
They are ready for lunch. Enough with the pictures. 

We had lunch at Dairy Queen. They have lunch and ice cream, and as you know ice cream makes things better. Everyone felt better after and there were no dishes to do so that made me happy. I'm going to really like having a sink that is attached to hot water near to where I am. Ah camping, it makes you appreciate your home. 

Time for a quick run through the art gallery, and bathrooms and then onward. 
Nice use of an elevator. The art spirals up the side with a walkway and the stairs down show pictures and a story about the building of the Alaska Highway. 

We passed through Taylor on our way to Fort St. John but not only was there a horrible bridge that has as a road open steel grating, Rob laughed at the face I made while crossing it, but there was road construction all the way through town so we didn't stop for pictures and just kept going. 

Then after a quick stop at Dollarama for binder clips for the windows we found a campsite. Having decided that we were going to have power and water we found a private campground. We stayed at the
Fort St. John Rotary RV park. It had power, it had water, there was a playground, it was a giant parking lot but power and water. We decided that $1 for three minutes of water was too steep for showers but laundry was worth the price.  Although I only managed to do one load before it closed for the night. We made spaghetti for supper, again sinks are so useful and re packed the coolers to see what needed to be done. Then I did some trailer cleaning before going to bed. I know what a life. 

Tomorrow is a long day. We are going to push to Laird Hot Springs I think. Something like 650km.  


  1. I think Dawson creek is where one of my grandma's brothers lived, he started a museum there I think

  2. I think Dawson creek is where one of my grandma's brothers lived, he started a museum there I think