Friday, July 10, 2015

Hot springs

Rob started the day with fixing the hitch so it was getting late in the morning when we were finished packing up. When we had gotten to the site the night before we had been told that if we wanted to stay a little later to use the hot springs that would be alright so we took advantage of the situation and went for it.  
Dad walking the very long board walk. That is just the first section. 
Hot springs. Patience is the short one in pink. 
Evander really liked the hot springs. 

After the hot springs and a quick stop at the play ground we headed back to the vans and started to Watson. Today was the day we would cross into the Yukon. 

Because it has been a long trip and we didn't have too far to get we stopped at points of interest. This one I think was called Whirlpool something. 

There was a big pile of logs on the side that had been hurled up when the water was higher. It was a great place for skipping stones because the way the rocks had broken off left many very flat pieces. Xavier got one to skip about 20 times. It went so far. We spent a fair amount of time there because it was enjoyable to walk across the rocks and throw things. 
Look at the technique. 
My arms just aren't long enough. Maybe I need a stupid stick. 

Watson Lake is home to the sign forest. It also has a very nice information centre and is home to a northern lights centre. 
We lost Rob for a moment in the sign forest but we did manage to meet up again.
 There are over 76000 signs in the sign forest. 
I still have a short arm problem. 
And someone brought a piece of home for us. (Not from us). 

We found the Watson Lake campsite just out of town and got set up. I was excited because there were lots of sites and they were only $12 a night. Rob was very excited because it was real camping, in trees, with fire. Yes, no fire ban. We made real camping food, potato packets and roasted smokies, popped popcorn and played at the nearby playground. I sent Patience to bed at 9:30. She wasn't tired and really it wasn't dark at all so I could understand but we were planning on going to church in the morning so she still had to go. 

Mom got a nice picture of the birds that came to eat the blueberries that fell. 

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