Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Waiting in Watson Lake

The day started early because we wanted to be at the shop when it opened. While mom and dad waited Rob and I went to Home Hardware. It has everything. Patience and Evander really enjoyed the bins of bulk nails. I understand. Nails are fun. They sound nice and are a little pokey without hurting. 
After we had wreaked enough havoc on the store we returned to the repair place where it was confirmed that a new alternator was needed and the battery was charging. 

Since it was going to take a while I headed to the visitor centre with the kids. We needed to make our sign. We were, after all, in signpost land. 
Our completed sign. It might not last. If we come back we will look for it. 

After we returned to our camp and did boring things like lunch and naps. In the afternoon Janet contacted us because they were on their way through. We were going to meet them in Liard the night before but since the van was broken we couldn't. I left Janet a text message and hoped that she would understand when she got cell service. 
Someone was jostling me. 

We made the best of the situation and did laundry and got groceries. Groceries involved cake because it was James' birthday. Good day to meet up. Good cake. Good visit. 

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