Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Xavier is gettting very big.

This is the exciting thing that has happened at our house. Xavier is getting very big.

Look at him going. Shelley and Rob taped it for me on Sunday because I was asleep. Apparently I only work weekends and always Sunday.
This is for all my blog stalkers who have been waiting for me to update. Niles went to the dentist today and behaved very well. He opened his mouth and everything. There was 0 screaming and very little mouth covering. Monica handled it very well. I thought that it would be a disaster because when I picked Niles up at daycare he said"I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE DENTIST!!!" and then covered his mouth. Then after I got him calmed down by explaining that we were going to see Monica the dentist I gave him his medicine. Chlorohexadrate tastes nasty and he spit half out on me and started crying again. I was also using Xavier as my premedication guideline so he wasn't very dopy when we got there. But he did well and half the work is finished. Hopefully this will be better everytime we get to go.
House update; We bought a house! Everything worked perfectly. As you can look back and notice we were looking at building in Stonebridge but the financing was not working out. It was really strange. In the beginning everything was going smoothly and then suddenly the momentum stopped dead but was coming back. We also told out agent to stop looking because we were frustrated and were going to go with the build. Then she called us up and said that she found a bungalow in our area, in our price range and they weren't taking bids. Out of curiousity we said we would look. This is where everything started to fall into place. Blessings falling on our heads, as you can say. I didn't have to work during the day so we got a 3:00 viewing, Rob worked really hard that day and was finished early so he was able to see the house while I was still there (we both thought it was great. Has a finished basement and lots of room to have people over), our agent had some time to come over and draw up the papers right after we saw the house and as we were walking in the door our mortage guy phoned. Talk about Godincidence. We had the papers signed and confirmed by 6:00 before I had to leave for work. So we move in on July 31. Robin will be here during that time so she will get to say farewell to this house and hello to the new one. If anyone is looking for something to do on the long weekend in Aug (kidding, we are thinking middle of Aug move in date) you can come help.