Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I have a brain in my bonehead

Ha! Niles is funny. You have bone in your head it is called a skull.
I already wrote this and the my computer turned off and it hadn't saved yet so I have the first sentence. Oh well.

Happy Birthday Robin! We were all sick on you actual birthday and then I couldn't connect to the server (stupid technology) so you are getting this six days after your actual birthday. I told you I had a belated birthday card for you and I guess you also get belated birthday wishes too.

Don't forget to watch the Riders' home playoff game this Sunday (Canada) at 4pm (central standard time) on TSN.com. Watch us win.
Nice pictures. They are from Joyce and Tony's wedding. Look Niles is even touching Tony's car. Pretty good.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I have returned

This is a picture from two Christmases (is that a word) ago. See how well Joyce tumbles down the hill. I think that we should do that again this Christmas. All in favour?.... (please send in your votes).
This is a quick blog update seeing as it is now Oct. and I haven't done anything since April. I am rather derelict in my duties. I will strive to be more conscientious.
All right we moved into our new house and are enjoying the additional space although it seems that we are having fewer people over. That could be because I have a job. Yes it is harder to have people over all the time when you are working. I am a licensed and registered nurse. It is true. My education came in handy for something. Look at me go.
Xavier is in grade 1 and is still enjoying learning. He informs me that he is the only one in his class that can't read and although his class is mostly made up of overachieving little girls I doubt that it is true. He is learning. Last night he asked Rob if he was fatigue. Ha. Extraneous french usage in the home. Something must be working.
Niles has started swimming lessons. You know the kind where they jump in the water and just get comfortable. He is the class star. I am the only mother who does not have to cajole my child to get into the pool nor do I have to follow him around. He also listens and does as he is told. (I don't know what has happened to my child but if you find him send him back my way).
Rob is keeping busy with everything that comes with working and moving into a new house and everyone else moving into a new house. We have a new furnace. It is sitting the the bathroom in the basement. Yes we do have a furnace...Anyway there isn't any snow yet and the world is good.
We are getting ready for our new addition to our family. The boys want a girl. Xavier says that it would be bad if it was a boy. Huh.?! What to do, what to do. We tell him that the baby has already decided and we can't change it now. Back to getting ready. Really that means we have a room. Actually we are using that space right now as a guest room but... we can move things around.
That's it for the blog today.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Xavier is gettting very big.

This is the exciting thing that has happened at our house. Xavier is getting very big.

Look at him going. Shelley and Rob taped it for me on Sunday because I was asleep. Apparently I only work weekends and always Sunday.
This is for all my blog stalkers who have been waiting for me to update. Niles went to the dentist today and behaved very well. He opened his mouth and everything. There was 0 screaming and very little mouth covering. Monica handled it very well. I thought that it would be a disaster because when I picked Niles up at daycare he said"I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE DENTIST!!!" and then covered his mouth. Then after I got him calmed down by explaining that we were going to see Monica the dentist I gave him his medicine. Chlorohexadrate tastes nasty and he spit half out on me and started crying again. I was also using Xavier as my premedication guideline so he wasn't very dopy when we got there. But he did well and half the work is finished. Hopefully this will be better everytime we get to go.
House update; We bought a house! Everything worked perfectly. As you can look back and notice we were looking at building in Stonebridge but the financing was not working out. It was really strange. In the beginning everything was going smoothly and then suddenly the momentum stopped dead but was coming back. We also told out agent to stop looking because we were frustrated and were going to go with the build. Then she called us up and said that she found a bungalow in our area, in our price range and they weren't taking bids. Out of curiousity we said we would look. This is where everything started to fall into place. Blessings falling on our heads, as you can say. I didn't have to work during the day so we got a 3:00 viewing, Rob worked really hard that day and was finished early so he was able to see the house while I was still there (we both thought it was great. Has a finished basement and lots of room to have people over), our agent had some time to come over and draw up the papers right after we saw the house and as we were walking in the door our mortage guy phoned. Talk about Godincidence. We had the papers signed and confirmed by 6:00 before I had to leave for work. So we move in on July 31. Robin will be here during that time so she will get to say farewell to this house and hello to the new one. If anyone is looking for something to do on the long weekend in Aug (kidding, we are thinking middle of Aug move in date) you can come help.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Some of you might know that we are looking for houses. Last week it seemed that we may have found one and everything was going fine. Excitment was building in the household but it seems things have come to a standstill. We are waiting for our finances (we were all finished all that but our person went on vacation and so we are working through new people and things are moving so slowly). Anyway it looks like that if we can't get anything going this house thing won't happen and we will stay where we are. Keep us in your hearts and prayers.

Monday, March 12, 2007

If women ruled the world.

This came from Shelley. So funny. It's a woman's tool set. Rob would like it.
I had a bad computer month so far so this is the first time I have opened it since the last time I posted. If you don't already know I have a job. My first real job as a nurse. I am getting paid and everything. Orientation is good. I get paid to learn everything I have always wanted to know to make my life easier at work. Ha I will look smarted than I would have before orientation. (maybe not there is only so much an orientation can do.) Hey Joyce ask Richard about the camp meeting. For all of you who love camp there are brochures for you to fill out to come. Rob is running teen camp again. This is very hard to type where I am so this is all.

Friday, February 23, 2007

We're off to see the Wizard

Here are some pictures of our trip to Calgary and Drumheller this summer. Xavier took the second picture. He is quite the photographer.

Today I am going to my very first nursing job interview. It is exciting. It is scary. Now I have to be a grown up and...you know work. Ha! Crazy isn't it. Anyway I have on my interview clothes and I am ready to go. I think I will go shopping after. The boys need a new bed.

It is snowing again. I guess the groundhog was wrong. Winter is here and it is staying forever. At least it looks like that.

We are starting to look for a bigger house but the market is very slim right now (when I say slim that means there are no houses in Saskatoon in our price range. There are only 167 houses in total for sale. Even Jackie cannot find a condo). It just seems so silly that just the time we are able to think about getting a bigger house we can't.

Friday, February 16, 2007

My new do.

I am a posting fiend. This is for the people who don't see me all the time. (Robin this means you). I don't take pictures of myself so I had to go looking for one. (Thank-you Shelley. Check out her blog. It is on my links). This is a new and different look for me. I told Rob I was going to get my hair cut. I left as a blond and returned a brunette. His response, "Don't ask me right now". Niles cried, and Xavier was angry but they like it now. A change for the end of my student career. That reminds me to call McMasters. Until later.

Finished, done, fini, finito, no more.

Have you seen cuter children?Xavier did his own face painting, with markers. So I don't have any recent pictures of myself so I am putting out a call for people to e-mail me pictures of new and interesting pictures. This is for you Monica, Melissa, and Joyce.
So I am now finished school and am busy looking for a job. Okay I am not really looking for a job but I have handed in my resume to the health region. I let the boys go to daycare all week because they were having party week to celebrate the week off of school. That also gave me time to make appropriate phone calls and look busy. I am taking this time to be interested in my house and what I used to do. As well as look for work and visit with babies. Josiah is social smiling this week so he is interactive. Linaya is grouchy. They make a good combination.
I should ask Robert about Media Idol. I read about him in the Star Phoenix today. He sang O Holy Night. He didn't win but the radio station was mentioned by call number so that is exciting. Congratulations to me.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Let it snow revisited

Was I complaining about the amount of snow that we got before Christmas because you should hit me, (don't take me seriously here, I don't really want to get hit) Forgive me for my little complaints because now I have a big one. BLIZZARD!!! That is right Saskatoon was hit with a real blizzard lasting 15hrs and dropping 17cm of snow, Osler got 27cm. So I bought Rob a snow blower because I heard that it was going to snow more this week and I couldn't stomach all that shoveling just to do it again. It was a really interesting day. I left to go to work and while it was snowing it wasn't as bad as the snow in Oct where it was so thick so I took the boys to daycare and went on my way. But it go worse and worse as the day went on. We were told to go home at 11 but I was closer to my house than daycare and did not really want to go up Clarence by myself (I got stuck in the daycare parking lot the last big snow day and besides the wind was really blowing) so I started phoning people to go with me. Robert and Melissa were being crazy still (something about a baby) and were going right past the place and they had Stan's 4x4 therefore they got the boys. Rob got home 2.5hrs after he started for home. Not bad I heard that it took some people 6hrs. There are good stories and stupid stories. My favourite stupid story is about the couple from Quebec who were travelling to Edmonton on Weds. They didn't want to stop for the storm so they ignored the highway closed barrier and drove on. They only got about 5km out of Dalmany and got stuck...for 7hrs. They had to be rescued by the fire department! Ha ha! There are stupid people everywhere.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Here I thought everyone would like to see how serious our family gettogethers are. Boys really are dumb when you get them together. I have another great picture of Niles singing on the toilet. He didn't even know we were there but we missed the good part. He sang through a whole song including chorus while he was using the bathroom. So cute. Xavier is almost six now. He informs me that it is only one day but I said two. It is all a matter of definition (it was at bedtime).