Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back to Watson Lake

While we were in Whitehorse we heard on the radio (we were so excited to get radio) that because of the forest fire the highway in Fort Nelson was closed. (There is only one highway out of Fort Nelson and if it was closed we weren't going anywhere). After Whitehorse we had no radio and no internet, except for a tiny bit in Carcross, so our information was limited. Fortunately we still had to go to Watson Lake. Both highways meet at Watson Lake. As well it was the place with information. Watson Lake has cell service and Internet. 

When we got to Teslin Dad mentions to Rob that his battery light has come on but nothing else. We couldn't see anything so continued on. At lunch we met a group of cyclists that have been all through Europe and are now going through Canada. Crazy. 

We got just a little farther up the road when Dad pulls over. He couldn't shift anymore and all his lights were on. A little quick testing ( Rob has a variety of tools and such with him) it was determined that the battery was dead, or almost dead. Since we were on the side of a narrow road, and since it doesn't matter to the giant RVs that you are stopped they just hurtle on by, we decided to try to make it to a pull off. 

Rob hooked up the booster cables and we settled in to wait.
While we were hooked up Gord, Gord from Watson Lake, stopped as he was passing. We have a distinct look. He was on his way to Atlin. He mentioned that his wife was going to Whitehorse and then back to Watson Lake of we needed parts,because we likely did.  

It took one more charge before we got to Watson Lake. We arrived at 5:30 on Friday as everything was closed. After a phone call we determined that the shop opened at 10. What else could we do? We found a campsite and settled in for the night. 


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