Monday, April 25, 2011

C is for cookie (again)

He is risen indeed.

Happy Easter. Best Holiday of the year. In addition Easter is the end of the Lenten season so I get to go back to blogging and facebook. I will admit I already went on facebook and got bored so I think I have forgotten the excitement of it. Mom always told me that it took 30 days to break a habit and I just finished 46 days so it might take awhile to get back.

Monica was telling G after she gave me an Easter greeting, about when Xavier and Niles were little and giving the Easter greeting but Niles was running around saying "C is for cookie!". He was two then so therefore very cute.

Patience got a great picture with the Easter Bunny. I will get permission to post them and you will also see.

Mom says that I haven't been posting and she has noticed so here I am back to the grind. Now it is up to you my readers to update your blogs so I can stalk you.