Friday, July 10, 2015

Sunday at Watson Lake

Sunday morning came bright and pleasant. Texas toast with grape jelly was in order while we packed up and dressed in our nicest camping clothes. Saying goodbye to the campground we headed back into town for church. 

We went to the Watson Lake Community Church and got to double the congregation ( I might be exaggerating a bit). It was pot luck week. Niles says we have the ability to sniff them out, so we stayed for lunch and contributed our ham. It was nice to have dessert. 

Dad, of course, met someone that he knew and Rob made friends. Somewhere in between Evander eating all the cheezies and Niles' third piece of cake, Rob and Dad changed our plans, what few plans we did have. We were going to go to Whitehorse and then to Skagway but there is this house in Atlin, it belongs to a woman with six children whose husband just died and the church has been trying to finish he house for her but they can't get a plumber. You can see where this is going. We have a plumber and our only plan is to get to Skagway. Atlin is closer to Skagway than Whitehorse and it has things to do.  So off to Atlin we go. 

On our way we passed kilometre 1000. We actually didn't see 1000. Rob jumped at 1002, because I had wanted to stop at 1000 but none of us saw the sign. We will look on our way back. 
Here is kilometre 1004 instead. 

We stopped at the continental divide,
And at Teslin, 
More pictures from Teslin, 
Mom and Dad were also at Teslin. We also got frozen beverages there and stopped at a museum before moving on. It is a pretty spot. I saw I Black Bear cub but Rob was too slow to take a picture. 

We stopped for the night at Snafu Lake. Super soft sand and still in the Yukon. Why is that important you ask? Well the territorial government sites are only $12 and they are in nice places. 
Nice place. Evander got so dirty and the other kids liked playing in the water. The phrase is, "it's not as cold as Heritage".  We are hoping the forest fires clear up over in Saskatchewan so we can go to Heritage. I was shocked to hear that they had evacuated La Ronge. No smoke today but we had a campfire for you. 

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