Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

It was New Year for Robin at 9:00 this morning and I did try to phone. Honest I did but someone had already phoned and I needed to leave for church so Robin did not ge my 12:00 phone call. Too bad for her. It is the end of the Christmas season and things are winding down. We had Christmas at Valerie's house this year. The first Waddell family Christmas together. Everyone had a really good time and no one died. I think we even tried to enjoy our time with each other. After Christmas we went home to enjoy other people's company. Again a good time was had by all. Melissa and I planned on going swimming on Thursday but she went and ruined the plans. We welcome little Jo (Josiah Stanley) as our interruption, I guess. He is a good looking child (he is related after all) and a pain in the butt already. Ask Melissa how much trouble he has already caused and he is only a few days old. I will be back in clinicals this week and hopefully time will fly. I only have until Feb 9th. Hee, hee! We are more than excited.
I included a picture of Xavier, Niles and the cousins at Christmas. I tried to get a whole family picture but I couldn't do it from Chris' computer and I don't have a copy at home.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

20 days until Christmas

I am almost finished my shopping. Just the silly little stuff left. You know chocolate and such. I don't even think that we need chocolate because there is so much food over the holidays. I did take it upon myself to make shortbread this year. It looks good. Nice and white (a couple of pieces got too brown but pretty good I think). Xavier is getting very excited. He decorated a Christmas tree for his own room. It is a branch off of our old tree and whatever decorations that he takes off the one in the livingroom. It makes him happy. One day he may have more space and maybe we can give him a space for his 'special' tree. Niles is learning the song Jesus our Brother. Mom reserved the book for him so we can sing it and look at pictures. This year we are going to spend Christmas eve and Christmas morning at Curtis and Val's in Regina and then go home because everyone works Boxing day. We will have family Christmas eve one day late. Sounds like fun.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Let it snow and snow and snow and snow and snow and ....

Snow. Isn't it wonderful. I love the stuff. It makes me remember how blessed I am that there is summer and I have heat. There has been over 20cm of that great white fluff this week. How I love to shovel. A workout without having to set everything up.(So sarcastic) But I am alright. The boys love the snow. Xavier says that snow is fun on the slide because it makes the slide woggily. Reason enough to like the snow. Here is a picture of warmer and happier times. Niles really liked camp this year. (You get camp pictures because I don't have winter pictures yet. It seems out of context for this blog but a good picture is hard to waste.)
On a different note CBC has gotten an FM band for Saskatoon. Now I can listen in my room with the lamp on and not get the horrible sounding interference. 94.1FM. This was Robert's original call number but it works so well for CBC. Roy is also very excited about it.
Christmas is coming. We are going to be in Regina for Xmas eve and morning and then we will head back to Saskatoon. This will be the first Xmas that all the Waddells will be together. Pray that we will live through the experience.(Ha ha). Maybe we will go to the IMAX. Some new movie looks like it will be really interesting will be there.
We went to the new James Bond movie. It is rated PG13. I think R or PG45 or something. It hit a new level of disturbing James Bond. The actor will do well though. He has blue eyes and is built nice to look at. Not his face. I liked it though but I follow the series so I am a aBond junkie. You can't skip one. We went with Dave, Reid and some of his friends.