Friday, September 23, 2011

I heard the monkey song...

When I run outside I take my music and I never add anything and I also don't take anything away. Actually I think Richard picked all the songs that I listen to, but they are good and I get used to them. Although random they play in approximate order so I get to expect certain songs around certain places in my run. My run starts with New York New York and there is sounds of Canada from KD Lang, It's Raining Men, a little Prince and somewhere in there is the monkey song (not called that). Yes my monkey song. It gets stuck in my head, it picks up my feet and makes that darn loop seem better (and it is nice that the shopping song comes next). But what the monkey song also does is it makes me think of Robin.
Love how the bubbles look fake

I wonder what Robin is doing. I wonder what Korea looks like when you live there. I wonder about the kids she teaches and the stuff she does. I think about her life with Samuel and pray that it is well. I think about it for the whole song. I don't know why monkeys and Robin go together but they do for me and now maybe they do for you. So play the monkey song and spend some time thinking tonight.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today I slept in until 8 and then I drank coffee until 9. Patience and I went to library school where she listened to stories and I looked and books and then visited with other moms (there were 2 dads as well). Then we had noodles for lunch and I over came my aversion and made cookies. I don't know what had been my problem but cookies seemed too difficult lately so I pulled out my mixer to do the mixing and made chocolate chip (because you can drop them) and made them. They are delicious. Patience went down for a nap and I went for a quick run. After we both went and picked up the boys from school because the weather is so nice to walk. Tomorrow work, the next day the world.... or work.
Niles with wacky hair at camp
Patience's wacky hair day at camp
Xavier did a great job (he plays to win).
Gloria looks great.
Justice League of Saskatoon at the Bridge City Boogie