Saturday, July 04, 2015

Canada Day

It wasn't raining when we packed up camp. For that we were grateful. We had no definite plans except that we had found a campsite around McLeod Lake that looked nice and that was our plans. Go past Prince George. 

First we stopped at the really nice information place because we wanted to see what was going on for Canada Day and mom needed to use the wifi because there was no cell service. There was also a nice play ground and we crossed paths with Kerry and Candace Lamb (not intended). 
It was a climbing thing. Almost everyone took a turn. 
Evander found a puddle. Mom has a picture of him lying down and drinking from it. (I was climbing right then). 

Then we drove to Prince George. The kids are getting to be super travellers. They think three hours is nothing now. Going to Regina now will be easy. We stopped in Prince George at the Wal-Mart because we needed cookies and flip flops and all the children had grown a shoe size since we left. 

We ended our day at Whiskers Point, a BC park. There are no pictures. Picture a camp ground, with trees and nice picnic tables. We got two sites together and hung some laundry hoping to dry it. ( Spoiler, it didn't). One day we are hoping for water at our site so we don't have to carry it everywhere but on the positive side we are very good at cleaning for bear safe camping now. 

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