Monday, July 08, 2013

A family picture

It has been a while. Right now I am sitting at the pool ignoring Patience while she is at swimming lessons. I think it is the only way we are both going to survive this occasion. I can't watch. She is an opinionated five year old. I am fairly certain that we will be doing this level again because to pass you would have to do any of the skills that they ask you to show. So far not a problem with that. 

Xavier finished grade 6 and will be starting grade 7 in the fall. He grows weary of school so I am hoping that in the higher grades he finds something that interests him and keeps school tolerable. If not it will be a long five years. 

Niles has finished grade 4 and is eagerly looking towards next year when he can be in band. Trombone. (Although we were out of town on instrument testing day so the teacher says baritone. I think he can do it). He wants trombone because he can be annoying. Isn't that great? 
This is our family picture from the Taylor family reunion. Everyone is looking. Mostly. That is all I can ask for. 

Right now Patience is sitting on the edge of the pool not doing what the teacher is asking. I am still ignoring her. Yep this is going to be a redo. We might take another long break.