Sunday, January 14, 2007

Let it snow revisited

Was I complaining about the amount of snow that we got before Christmas because you should hit me, (don't take me seriously here, I don't really want to get hit) Forgive me for my little complaints because now I have a big one. BLIZZARD!!! That is right Saskatoon was hit with a real blizzard lasting 15hrs and dropping 17cm of snow, Osler got 27cm. So I bought Rob a snow blower because I heard that it was going to snow more this week and I couldn't stomach all that shoveling just to do it again. It was a really interesting day. I left to go to work and while it was snowing it wasn't as bad as the snow in Oct where it was so thick so I took the boys to daycare and went on my way. But it go worse and worse as the day went on. We were told to go home at 11 but I was closer to my house than daycare and did not really want to go up Clarence by myself (I got stuck in the daycare parking lot the last big snow day and besides the wind was really blowing) so I started phoning people to go with me. Robert and Melissa were being crazy still (something about a baby) and were going right past the place and they had Stan's 4x4 therefore they got the boys. Rob got home 2.5hrs after he started for home. Not bad I heard that it took some people 6hrs. There are good stories and stupid stories. My favourite stupid story is about the couple from Quebec who were travelling to Edmonton on Weds. They didn't want to stop for the storm so they ignored the highway closed barrier and drove on. They only got about 5km out of Dalmany and got stuck...for 7hrs. They had to be rescued by the fire department! Ha ha! There are stupid people everywhere.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Here I thought everyone would like to see how serious our family gettogethers are. Boys really are dumb when you get them together. I have another great picture of Niles singing on the toilet. He didn't even know we were there but we missed the good part. He sang through a whole song including chorus while he was using the bathroom. So cute. Xavier is almost six now. He informs me that it is only one day but I said two. It is all a matter of definition (it was at bedtime).