Friday, November 15, 2013

And Evander makes six

So we have been a little busy lately. On top of regular summer busyness and back to school busyness we also had a crazy baby August. Within our church family we were blessed with six babies in 21 days and all in August. Three of them were in two days ( and a set of twin girls to start out the baby excitement ). We managed to split the baby count evenly between boys and girls. 
In our family  we welcomed Evander Gordon Gerald Waddell on August 10 at 1:25pm. He weighed in at a hefty 8lb 12 oz and bald like his uncle Roy.Conviently enough born on his Grandma Waddell's birthday (so we have no reason to forget) and a bonus for us all. 
 We had planned on taking the big kids to the Exhibition (the fair) that day, and had purchased ride passes and everything so of course we had a baby. It all worked out. We were able to get Aunt Jay to take the boys and Patience went too with Great Aunt Glenda. While the kids were excited about the new baby they were equally excited to tell us about all the rides they had gone on that day. 
We were home quickly and tried to settle in to the new routine of having a baby. 
I went back to school shopping when Evander was two days old because that was when the sales were on and we all know that shopping not on sale is crazy. School supply shopping is a necessary evil and thankfully Staples makes it easy. In and out 30 minutes for three kids. Poor Niles has to put up with my whining but we all survived and won't have to do it again until next year. I got many comments about "how can you do that with such a small baby?" But some things just need to get done and we are not blessed with a order and ship place so you just get out and do it. 
We finished off the paddling pool season and hopefully it will be open longer this coming summer. It is so nice to be able to go out to play somewhere so close to our house. The kids go everyday so they get to know the leaders very well. 
(Waiting for the pool to open) 

That should be enough for now. 

Monday, July 08, 2013

A family picture

It has been a while. Right now I am sitting at the pool ignoring Patience while she is at swimming lessons. I think it is the only way we are both going to survive this occasion. I can't watch. She is an opinionated five year old. I am fairly certain that we will be doing this level again because to pass you would have to do any of the skills that they ask you to show. So far not a problem with that. 

Xavier finished grade 6 and will be starting grade 7 in the fall. He grows weary of school so I am hoping that in the higher grades he finds something that interests him and keeps school tolerable. If not it will be a long five years. 

Niles has finished grade 4 and is eagerly looking towards next year when he can be in band. Trombone. (Although we were out of town on instrument testing day so the teacher says baritone. I think he can do it). He wants trombone because he can be annoying. Isn't that great? 
This is our family picture from the Taylor family reunion. Everyone is looking. Mostly. That is all I can ask for. 

Right now Patience is sitting on the edge of the pool not doing what the teacher is asking. I am still ignoring her. Yep this is going to be a redo. We might take another long break.