Saturday, July 11, 2015

Shopping day

After Atlin we had done everything and we knew that it was starting to fill up for the music festival so we weren't that interested in staying. We also were running short on vegetables and fruits, four apples remaining and very little travel snacks. How can you travel without Nibs? Off to Whitehorse we went while Rob and dad went back to Atlin. 

It isn't much of a trip. I think some people do it everyday. It was almost lunchtime when we arrived so, because Evander had cried the day before while looking at my phone when he saw the McDonalds app, "fryies", we went to McDonalds. Wifi here we come. We had fries and watched the news, it is really hard to keep up when you can't get anything and tried to use the wifi. It sadly was terrible so we could get a tiny bit of our feed but not really send anything. During that time Xavier was freezing. When we had left the camp site it had been a nice 20C but as we got into Whitehorse it was windy and cloudy, maybe 15C. None of the children had brought a sweater. Fortunately everything is very close in Whitehorse. Across the parking lot was a Salvation Army Thrift Store. We got sweaters and Evander got a rocket alarm clock that he carried around the store saying, "airpane".  That done we started out to Wal-Mart.  

I got a little turned around somewhere and ended up doing a giant loop but while doing that we found the recycling depot. That was on our list so we hopped out and dropped off our bin of cans. The boys observed that Whitehorse likes mineral street names. 

It only took a couple of hours and some back and forth but we did finish our shopping and we still had time for a museum. We went to the museum of transportation. 
It is just long enough to impart information but not so long that you feel overwhelmed. 
I really enjoyed the part about the Chilcoot trail. The men coming to the Yukon for the gold rush had to bring 1000 pounds of supplies and $200. There was no easy way to bring the supplies up, just walking over and over again. It took about 30 times up the stairs that had been carved into the mountain to bring all the supplies. 
Fortunately when they got to Dawson City they still had to cut down trees, cut lumber and make a boat before continuing on. A pleasurable time. Most had never made a boat before. 

There was also a part about modern transportation, including the making of the Alaska highway. 
Evander would walk up to things,look at me and say, "cheese" so I could take a picture. Then he would walk away. His favourite part was the playroom. We didn't manage to get outside bit I heard there is a big sandbox. 

The guy's had started supper when we got back and we were content. We were also glad for the fire because it was getting cold. 

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