Friday, August 24, 2012

An exercise in frustration

 When I am home I try to be resourceful and get things finished, while including the children and not staying in the same place all the time. Now that Patience is back walking (so very nice), we try to do things that are therapy but sneakily so she doesn't notice and refuse. (There is a lot of stair climbing and tricycling going on in the house right now). Right now we are working on her symmetry and a good way to do that is to peddle. She learned to ride her tricycle last month (I know she is slow) and now for a different angle we (but we I mean me doing what phyiso suggests) are going to try a bike, a bike that she can't just stop by herself, a pull behind bike. I will call it the buddy bike. 

The buddy bike.

Now to begin the exercise one must get the bike out of the shed. To open the shed you need a key. Find the key. No key. That is right some child has lost all the keys. Oldest child has taken key to a sleepover. Why? Don't know. 
 Me: "Rob do you have a key" (5 minutes after he leaves house).
Rob: "I am all the way across town. I will open it when I come for lunch"

So I wait 2 hours for Rob to come home, then I get the children engaged in an activity (painting) and start getting ready.

1. Get bike out of shed:

Bike shed, arranged by a man. Buddy bike was in the back corner.

Don't worry I came out mostly intact

2. Blow up flat tire: This should not be a problem because we have a very large air compressor in the garage and Rob has recently replaced the broken hose (he told me because I tried to inflate Niles's very flat tire last week and couldn't). To get to the air compressor I have to go into the garage and get to the back corner

I call this the garage of death

Not to bad even. Took some fancy footwork but I can almost park in the garage again so it is not too bad.