Friday, July 10, 2015

Atlin the Epic Journey

We started our day with breakfast on the houseboat. Rob was in a hurry to get going so we cleaned up while he drove. When we got back to shore we split up vehicles, Mom, me and the kids into my van for a day of exploring while Dad and Rob went for a day of plumbing. 

We had a handy map because there is no cell service, and no internet there. Fortunately there are not a lot of roads. Up we went up warm spring road to warm spring beach. It is a good beach for throwing rocks. There are a lot of rocks there. We started collecting ones that have jade flecks in them to tumble in Roy's rock tumbler. So many rocks. 

We hadn't found the warm spring yet so after about an hour of rock throwing we moved on. The road is very twisty but not a lot of signs. We found The Grotto. By then it was time for lunch so we had our picnic and went for a tiny hike.
 The path ended at the stream edge so we didn't keep going, especially since right across the stream from us was a bear den. (Mom has pictures). Back to the van to keep exploring. 

After I passed an unlabelled road turnoff for a second time I wondered what it was so with a bit of maneuvering we went back and found the warm springs. The kids hopped in for a wade. 
They didn't want to do more because it was slimy. 
It is a different ecosystem there. The flowers are different along the stream than the rest of the area.

After the warm springs we went to the hiking trail we had seen. Monarch trail. 
At the beginning before we were all tired. 
Evander hung out in his backpack. 
About half way up. We had been going about 30 minutes so far. 
We reached the highest point and we're starting down. 
I also made it. 

After we got down we took the beach trail down. We had seen stretches of real beach when we were hiking and wanted to see them and we were hot. It was super windy down at the beach but no one was bothered by it. We really enjoyed the dollar store buckets we brought for digging and water moving. 
See the funny twisted trees. I kept looking at them while driving which made mom nervous so I took a picture when we were stopped. 

With digging accomplished we set off for our final destination, the water falls. 

We went back to the trailers and watched a movie while we waited for the guys and supper. We were able to share supper with the Smallwoods. They are  friends of the family Rob was doing plumbing for. Then we drove back to Snafu Lake to have a place to sleep somewhere in the middle. Mom and I were done with Atlin, they are gearing up for a big music festival and there was a lot of people showing up and we needed groceries. Tomorrow is shopping day. 


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