Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How can things get so confusing?

I just started my labour and delivery placement. Today was my third of 18 days on the ward. So far so good. No one has died under my watch (very bad karma), but you would think that I would be able to work out my schedule but NOOOOoooooo. Honestly every day I write down what my schedule is and then I put it on my calendar and somehow it is not working out with my perceptors schedule that she wrote down. What I am saying is there is some sort of communication problem leading to pen mishaps. Somehow I will figure this out.
On a different note, Xavier is just like Roy. He creates self fulfilling prophesy. Robert agreed to drop the boys off at daycare because both Rob and I had to be at work before it opened. Xavier says, "Mom, I don't know what stairs I go in," and I just said, "the ones that you always go in in the morning," to which he replied, "I can't remember which ones those are!". You can see where this goes. Xavier takes Robert up the wrong steps this morning. This is from the child who races me up the steps, and is at his locker before I am up with Niles everyday. He couldn't remember.
Pray for strength and patience.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Roy's truck revisited

Gerry called sometime before Halloween. "Do you want a mattress?", came his rough and abrupt voice. Huh? This is not the way a normal phone conversation begins. "The hotel has a fairly new, free mattress that is just sitting outside waiting for someone to take it. Everyone is taking too long. If you take it tonight it's yours". How could I refuse? Granted my bed is only a double but things can be arranged. And then I remembered that Joyce was saying that Rayhay wanted her queen mattress, something about being too tall for a double (wah, wah). Eureka! My solution had arrived. Rob would get the mattress, we would store it somewhere and then get it to Regina. We were going to get Chris and Shelley to bring it down but it happened that Joyce would not be home on that day so plans changed, Joyce came up. She was coming for Jon and Jenn's memorial. She was here, the mattress was here and Roy left his truck. Everything was coming together. Joyce and Rob packed up the truck and Joyce drove to Regina, unpacked and went to Gravelbourg, just for an evening. This is not the end of the story. Joyce also hates Roy's truck (maybe hates is too harsh a word but it is not like her car) so she wanted her car back SOON. "I have an idea," she says on the phone. "We'll meet in Davidson after church, have onion rings, trade vehicles, and be home in time for the game (like it really mattered, sigh)". Rob was going out with his Dad so I got the job. There was a little angst on my part. So that is the story about the truck. We can't find one of Roy's clips now. I wonder what happeded. Did it want onion rings too?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Roy's truck sucks!

I did just fine driving Joyce's car to Davidson. No problems. That's right I rocked the standard world, but Roy's truck was a different matter. I stalled it with 5 people behind me at a light. How embarrassing.
On a different note. I am finished my last class, like class class. Only clinical left. As a small celebration some of my class went out to the Samurai the other weekend. We had a lot of fun and it would totally be worth going back. They cook the food in front of you! And they flip their knives. Entertainment and food at the same time.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I got the kids up early today because I had lots of work to do. So it is still dark outside, around 7:00. Xavier and I are in the kitchen making breakfast and Niles went to the back room and was looking out the window. "Look Mom. Like fireworks!", he said. I looked and the light on the snow that was falling was so bright that I could see Niles' fireworks. We went to the front room to see if it would work there but no only in the back. Give it to a child to ignore the ugliness around him (the back room is terrible) to see the beauty of 'fireworks'. It is still snowing but the risen sun has taken away my fireworks. Sometimes only when you are in the dark can you really see the beauty that is all around you. Keep Jon and Jenn in your prayers.
The picture was taken by Dave when he was geocashing with the boys.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

One Day to Go!

Tomorrow is my last day of class ever, or at least until I change my mind. Just two more sessions of clinicals and then I really will be finished. On a sadder note, please pray for my friends John and Jen Wallace. My heart aches for them and I am sure that life seems very bleak for them at this time. Check back soon. I will add pictures in the near future.