Monday, January 26, 2009

Home again, home again.

It has been a busy weekend. We made a trip out to Winnipeg on Friday arriving at the hotel late Friday night. It is a long trip out there. We arrived with sufficient time to visit with family who were all there for the same reason, watch our cousin (niece, etc) Stacy get married. It was a joy-filled day but I have to say it would be nicer if we did not live so far away. The trip meter says 1500+ km in 3 days. I am pooped and so are the kids. Patience is a little out of sorts, being in the car seat for so long and is taking today to recover. We are on the third nap of the day but she is still grumpy when she is awake. The boys did not have school today so they stayed home to sleep in and recover. I think we should make that trip again one day but plan on a week or more to ensure a good time, going in the spring or summer wouldn't hurt because then we could get out and run for awhile. So we didn't take pictures but we still love you all. Now if you keep updating us...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Xavier,

Seven was a good year. You learned so many things and you grew up. In grade one you started reading and enjoying school. I got many phone calls from your teacher about you having difficulty listening and not disturbing others in class but I understand. You like to be noticed, and you have already figured it out so why are they going on and on. We will take the small victories.

You were very excited to participate in school spirit days. Your favourite ( and Niles') was wacky hair day. I am not sure it is because you had the greatest hair or because Patience was born on that day but whatever it was you looked great.

You are a fabulous big brother. You honestly love babies and Patience is your own to play with. You loved to wiggle her and keep her happy. "Mom you do it this way", as you bounced her to keep her quiet. You are a great helper with the baby and you care deeply about being helpful.

Ah seven. You became less fearful about swimming lessons, fairly sailing through the last batch. Very nice. You also started Tae Kwon Do and that seems to be a favourite right now. In addition you started reading on the sly. All of a sudden you could read the tv listings and then you were reading over my shoulder. You are enjoying the new found skill.

Not everything was easy being seven. You had an adjustment period with the new baby and I got a lot of phone calls from school but those settled as you got more adjusted and great improvements in your self control occurred with grade two, the return to day care and sports.

You love the piano. I am glad we got it. Although practicing can be a struggle you enjoy learning music. It is a great joy to see you growing and learning. Your ideas of right and wrong are developing as well as your love of God and family. I am so glad you are my son and I look forward to the time God gives us together.