Sunday, May 11, 2008

All about Xavier.

The trials of having children. Xavier is having trouble listening in school. He is having trouble doing his work in school. He is having trouble not bothering the other kids at school. Does anyone see a theme here. Let's talk about Xavier. (Do you remember those books where you learn about proper behaviour ... Let's Talk About Lying, ... Disobeying, ... Good books. "If you say something to someone that you know is not true it is not a fantasy, it is not a mistake. You are lying!) Ah Xavier. I didn't expect to have this trouble at school so soon. He is bored. My theory is that because he is in french immersion he doesn't read in English, he does not have enough vocabulary to understand ahead, and he can't entertain himself by going ahead by himself. So we have problems. The latest problem lead him to spending the day in the principal's office. (Don't tell him you know). We will work on it. I guess I will take some time to talk to his teacher. Ah boys. Got to love them.

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is the day! Mother's day that is. Happy Mother's Day everyone. That means you. Everyone knows about mothers and we are richer for that. Reach out and hug a mother if you are close to one.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Patience is losing her patience

Eight weeks old already. So exciting. Patience is getting very much more aware of the world around her. She has noticed her brothers, who are among her favourite people, and smiles when they talk to her. She also laughs now. Check out the web album to watch the video. Pictures are included. Another thing about being 8 weeks old is that you can't sleep. You might miss something. So today it took over an hour to get Patience to sleep 10 min and then it was time to eat and she was so hungry she took another 10 min to tell me off for making her work to eat. Why was the milk not just flowing into her mouth? Why did she have to suck? That was work and it made her angry.
April 2008
Xavier is having trouble listening at school. He has been a distraction to the other children. I asked him why he is doing this and he says "Mom, I start goofing and then I can't stop. I just can't. It is too hard." Spring has arrived and my oldest child is having trouble concentrating. Apparently it is hard being 7 and in school.He is learning how to spell. Every week they have a spelling test. We are learning together how best to study. Right now I am writing the words out and Xavier copies them three times. Then we do that again later. It involves no fighting.

Niles asks, "Mom, you know why we call Joyce Robin? It is because we love Robin so very much. We love Joyce too,but we already call her Robin". He is keeping busy at home. So far his favourite part is watching movies.

Rob officially put in his notice at work and is starting his own company. He called it Faithful Plumbing. Keep Rob in your thoughts and prayers.
Patience woke up so I am doing this with one hand. It seems a good time to stop.