Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nintendo night

This was as good as I could get for pictures of Nintendo. As you can tell I have none. I will try to get new ones when Robin comes back. Robin this is for you. Remember when....hee hee, yah Joyce went... and then...heee..yep...snort....heee hee heee. Ha ha ha ha hee! All the while Rob looks on in bewilderment. Good times should always involve sugar.

Monday, March 24, 2008

My mommy dresses me like a dork

Wah, ha, ha. I am the evil mother. Hee. Hee. Okay you picture fiends. Here are some more.

Mommy dresses me funny

Monday, March 10, 2008

Apparently Patience is Also a Person

Right now she is sleeping on the floor beside me. Ha! We are getting better at this baby thing. I would have blogged earlier (we were good at the end of last week) but we (Xavier) got grounded from the computer and that means everyone was grounded.
These pictures show that I am a great mom. Take note of the date. Theses were taken Feb 20 around 8:30 in the morning. It was wacky day at daycare and the boys wanted crazy hair. Xavier specially requested a green mow-hawk with black spikes on the sides. It looked really good and wacky. Niles wanted black hair. I think he does goth well.

Niles wanted black hair. I think he does goth well.

Pictures for all of you who have been waiting.

Patience with her dad. ( I am busy at the moment).

This is Melissa with Patience. She missed the big event this time. She went to a bank meeting 20 min before things happened. Thanks for getting the boys.

I did, on the other hand, get Nancy to call into work and say that she would be late because around 4:30 she said that she had accepted a 6:00 shift at the library before I called her in the morning. That is why Melissa missed it. I just can't please everyone.

That is four pictures. I am going to get more on my web album. Keep checking. I may have time tonight but I am pushing things. (This already took me all day to write. Babies and children take some time some days).
Patience's first week
Look what I figured out .

Other news. The boys are in love with Patience and she doesn't mind them. Rob is keeping busy at home and in his spare time he has found time to put in a new toilet, kitchen sink and tap and start the fix on the stairwell as well as fix the sliders on a dresser. Now he did this the week that the boys were still in daycare so nothing much has happened since Niles is home all the time.

Niles has made home his pretend daycare. We even have rooms. Upstairs is puzzle, downstairs is block and outside is muscle. We have a routine. He entertains himself mostly. He and Rob built a very sturdy cardboard doghouse the first day he was home and he plays in that for a large part of the day. He goes downstairs and turns on Go Fish (thanks Melissa, only a little sarcasm) and plays all by himself. Then he comes up and gets a game out of the cupboard and plays that. So far it is working out.

Xavier loves taking his lunch to school. At least the novelty has not worn out yet. The bus is also a treat still so the lack of daycare is not a huge deal at this time. It is only March though.

We have been busy. Look at other blogs that I link to to see the pictures of our small group and swimming day with Niles and the baby bunch. It was a good time. Five babies and a four year old. Thank you Jackie for being an extra set of hands.

And for everyone who is interested. . . I picked Patience for a name. (I didn't really give Rob a choice. Really I said I already had a girl name and I wasn't going to negotiate). Patience to remind me that God gives you what you pray for but asking for something doesn't mean that getting it will be easy. Patience so I can remember that every time I ask for patience I have something placed in my life so I will develop greater patience. I am not the most patience of people (as you know) and I have prayed for patience several times. God is good. He gave me many opportunities to develop more patience. You know them Rob, Xavier, Niles and now Patience. I am more patient than I was. Hey, it only took me three and a half years to forget that I have as much opportunity to develop patience as I need. Four times is enough. Hence Patience.