Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Patience is a virtue

Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. This is soooooooooooooo boring. Waiting is boring. Being at home is boring. Did I mention that I am bored. Hmm. I think that when you are just waiting for an event to occur and nothing is happening the world is a boring place. That and I just don't feel like doing much of anything lately. So we play the waiting game. But thanks to the general knowhow of Roy, Richard and Rob I have the ability to go on my computer. I can't find my pictures but that might be asking too much. Look internet. Ohhhhh pretty.
Robin; Xavier is expecting you to come home and take care of him when the baby comes so get going. You have a lot to plan and not a lot of time apparently. He will get over it if you are later because you already missed his birthday (he is being magnanimous and letting you send his present later. He also accepts cash, visa, MC, cheques). On the interesting side Xavier is teaching himself to read. He recognizes many words now. I just can't figure out which ones. He is a fairly good faker.
Niles is still trucking. He is practicing sensitive this month which means he cries a lot and blames everything on his brother. It might even be working for him. At least he is honest. We were out for lunch with G&G Mary/Orr and I was telling Grandma that Niles is practicing how to be an annoying little brother. He copies what Xavier says and it just kills Xavier. He gets so angry so Xavier yells at his brother and then he gets in trouble for yelling and hitting. I tell Xavier to ignore Niles because he is doing it to bother him but he says "but Mom he keeps copying me and it makes me angry!" and I keep telling him that that is why Niles copies him. Grandma Mary says "Oh Niles wouldn't do that " and Niles who was sitting very quietly to that point pipes up "Oh yes Grandma. I copy Xavier everyday and it makes him very angry". The younger sibling strikes.
In case you didn't get it from the beginning of this post NO BABY YET! You will all know when it happens.